I was hoping someone might be able to give me some pointers on using the PowerVR SGX530 in Android Marshmallow and newer.
I have a Linux Kernel 3.10 with the SGX530 drivers integrated for the Moto 360 Watch (OMAP3630 by TI). It compiles for Marshmallow, and I can run Marshmallow when I disable the hardware OpenGL.
Under older revisions of the libraries provided by TI, there was a series of shared libraries (.so) similar to what appears to be provided for Linux, but the current Android library is just a static library (.a) file. I tried to use the older libraries provided by TI, but they are not compatible with Marshmallow. When I attempted to download the Android libriares, it isnít clear to me to how to get the Marshmallow (and newer) libraries to interact with the Kernel driver.
I know TI has dropped support for SGX drivers in Android, but I also know that Motorola seems to have done it for the Moto 360 Watch, so I am hoping someone might have some pointers.

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